Welcome to Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park!

Tirupati Rushivan is Gujarat’s Largest Amusement & Theme Park. Pioneers in the entertainment and leisure industry, Tirupati Rushivan that pulled people out of the staid environment of conventional pleasure trips and unfolded before them the exciting new scenario of a complete leisure destination. Choicest Destination of Thrills, Adventure, Water Park, 6D Thrillworld, Monuments, Amusements, Jungle Theme & Film Location in North Gujarat. The second phase in the expansion plans for Tirupati Rushivan is Water Park, Hotel, Amusement Rides makes this twin park complex a complete destination by itself. It’s never-before seen attractions set amidst unique architecture with international standard amenities and hygiene; catapult Water Park into a different league. It is the only, truly international standards Adventure Park experience in Gujarat.

Previously the area of 200 acres of land full of thorny bushes converted into beautiful landscaped garden & created eco-tourism environmental by safeguarding the real mother nature.

Situated on river bank of Sabarmati. Adjutant to Devpura hills with spectacular & meadows where GOD & nature is always surrounded every where.


Attractions at the Tirupati Rushivan